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    A Power Ranger is a fictional individual who "morphs" from an ordinary person into a powerful superhero, generally wears a color-coded battle suit (usually made of spandex or other skin-tight material) and a helmet with an opaque visor. In many cases, the helmet serves to protect his or her secret identity.
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Humor On The Internet

Posted by mightypowerrangers on February 1, 2010

Red Power Ranger: This video exemplifies schadenfreude. The audience finds pleasure in the misfortune of the man almost being hit by the firework.

Black Power Ranger: This video “Jersey Snores” is a parody of the hit MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.” The content is funny because it exaggerates the aspects of drinking alcohol (in this case juice boxes), working out, doing their hair, absurd nicknames, and petty romance drama. Also, this inside joke parody is done with two little kids and an older man that just doesn’t make any logical sense. Therefore, it is a good example of reframing of a reality tv in the perspective of children.

Yellow Power Ranger: “The Ferret Song” is funny because it takes two things from different contexts — ferrets, and a hip-hop beat — and brings them together, reframing them in such an ridiculous way that the result is unexpected and humorous. The humor lies in the fact that “The Ferret Song” skirts the boundary of socially acceptable and socially inappropriate; writing a song is considered normal, but writing a rap song about ferrets is absurd.

Blue Power Ranger: I think this video is funny because it’s making fun of how some singers don’t enunciate very well, and that the lyrics can easily be mistaken for other words. It’s reframing because it’s an unexpected situation, with misheard lyrics, and surprising pictures.

Pink Power Ranger: This video is part of a web mini-series made by students from UC Santa Cruz. Two stoners start a rivalry with two other students about which basketball team—NorCal Warriors or SoCal Lakers-is better. Sending the students a message to meet them at their own door with a crossbow is an example of reframing, because it was completely unexpected that he would be carrying an object used for warfare/hunting under his sweater in the first place. They also try and act tough by challenging their rivals to a “duel” in basketball, which has absolutely nothing to do with which professional team is better. To them the duel is a way of settling the dispute over the more talented regional team, but to the viewer it is an unnecessary way of addressing the rivalry between NorCal and SoCal and a hyperbole of a simple disagreement.


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